其實很簡單,就像放風箏,把握住手中的那根線,然後放飛它,放飛自己的夢想,就算線斷了,也不用奇怪,因為那沒什麼,每一個階段都有一個奮鬥的目標,就算是失敗了也沒有什麼,撿起夢想的風箏,繼續放飛,相信自己總有一天,會越飛越高,越飛越遠,最後到達自己夢想的天堂。 Actually very simple , like kite-flying, hands grasp the cord , then flying it , flying their own dreams, even if the line is broken , it should not be surprising , because it 's nothing, each stage has a goal , even if is there is no failure , he picked up the dream of kites flying continues to believe that some day , will be flying high , flew farther and farther , and finally reach your dream of paradise .

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